Solved InitResourceBitmap issues

Hello PluginCafe! :)

I'm sure you already know about this issue, but it is still worth mentioning that InitResourceBitmap() misleads people.

  • Almost 100% of preview images do not correspond to actual icons.
  • Some of the parameters are not working at all. e.g. ID_TRANSLATION
  • Quite a lot of previews are missing: e.g. RESOURCEIMAGE_OK

I know that this is not the most critical part of the SDK, but it still should be completely overhauled.

Cinema 4D is the most sophisticated DCC and we expect the same from its Python SDK, but unfortunately, it provides the exact opposite result.


thanks for making us aware. Indeed the documentation of InitResourceBitmap() seems a bit... well... outdated.
We'll address this with one of our next documentation releases.
So long, there is a, although a bit cumbersome, workaround. Take a look at <c4d install dir>/resource/modules/c4dplugin/icons/interface_icons.txt. This file contains the IDs of all icons available in the accompanying interface_icons_2x.tif. I know, it's a bit like searching waldo. But until we come up with an improved documentation, it's probably better than nothing.


Thanks, Andreas!
I was looking for interface_icons_2x for a while :grin: