urllib2.urlopen fails on C4D for Mac

  • Hey again. Managed to download it when using the zipball or tarball URLs. Weird though, that it responds with 415 when using the asset id directly.

  • @mp5gosu interesting... i guess shipping and importing the requests module with the plugin, is too much of a hassle... really hard to find any further informations on this... strange...

  • I dare to say that urllib2 is the culprit here. I don't have any problems using other libs or tool in the exact same way. curl works out of the box for example.

  • yeah, had no luck either... okay, so I'm probably back to importing requests as 3rd party module. :)

    Thanks for the quick help, Robert!

  • Using requests package would be the solution I guess. Even the docs state that they are auperior on high level access.
    The web says that urllib2 is broken in so many ways due to its age.

  • Hi @lasselauch as @mp5gosu this is a urrlib2 issue and we can't provide support on this topic.
    Moreover, if you have more questions (while I think everything is said), please open a new thread since while the overall topic is related, the question and issue are different.