Solved Detect single click

Hello PluginCafe! :)

As I know c4d.MSG_EDIT detects double click, but what's the best way of detecting a single click on the object's icon in object manager? 😁

Hi merkvilson, thanks for reaching out us.

With regard to your question, there's unfortunately no means to detect single click in the Object Manager via current API.

Best, Riccardo

Ok. Thanks for the info :)

regarding c4d.MSG_EDIT

  • Allows to perform some action when element is edited, e.g. if the user edits an object double-clicking it in the Object Manager.

seems like double-clicking detection is just one of its features. what else can it do? what are other examples?

Hi merkvilson, thanks for following up.

With regard to the MSG_EDIT it's actually dispatched just when double-click event is executed by the user.
What is then executed depends on what is implemented in the NodeData::Message() method when the MSG_EDIT message is received in a certain NodeData.
An example on how the double-click event in the ObjectManager works can be found via the Physical Sky, where, double clicking on the icon in the OM, just opens the Sky Manager UI.

Best, Riccardo