Documentation Plugin

  • Hi everyone,

    I have released a plugin I use to create documentation for my plugins.

    The plugin is free. Currently available for R20 for Windows. I will add an OSX version if people ask for it.

    If you use it for anything let me know. Also if you have any features requests then send them my way.


  • Hi Kent
    Interesting. I'd like to test it, but I'm on Mac ;)
    Is it compatible with versions prior to R20?

  • Really cool Kent! Thank you for sharing.


    • Does your plugin provide any sort of automation for adding "Show Help" links in C4D to specific parameters?

    Feature requests:

    • Automatically fill in the image Alt-Text for the linked command icons with the name of the command/parameter.
    • Auto List Parameters: Add a list of every parameter in a plugin's dialog/description so that we can easily document elements and see what isn't yet documented.

  • For Show Help, I could include a separate library to pop up a help dialog with the correct page, I already have it implemented in my other plugins. But if you wish to pop up your own dialog, or just launch a browser with the link, you can add the ID of the page to the end of the index.html?id=SECTIONID

    So something like this:

    You can get the id for a page by right clicking on the section and choosing "Copy ID To Clipboard".

    I will add in your feature requests to my list.

    OSX will be coming later on. At the moment I am only support R20 since its a free plugin, so don't have the time/resources to put into it.

  • I just updated the plugin to include the Alt-Text for command icons.

    When you drag and drop a command into the DropZone and then paste your text into the section you will get something like this...

    ![Add Doodle Frame][COMMAND_1022215]

    It will look like this in the HTML code when published...

    <p><img src="images/COMMAND_1022215.png" alt="Add Doodle Frame"/></p>

  • Very usefull plugin! 😎 ✌ Thanks!

  • Hi Kent,

    thanks for sharing this!


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