Merging external files into plugins

  • Hello Plugincafe! 💙

    What's the most appropriate way of merging external files (e.g. c4d scene which is located in the res directory) into the OBJECT_GENERATOR plugins?

  • Hi Merkvilson, I'm wondering, are you trying to load multiple files, only one time, and display these files? Or does the files are loaded according to some users choice?


  • I want to import spline objects only once, from c4d file to draw them by using DrawPolygonObject() command as a part of object handle.

  • Hi Merkvilson, the best way would be in the NodeData.Init method to load the scene with LoadDocument(). This will give you a BaseDocument.
    Then you can retrieve the LineObject or whatever you need from this document. Then get a Clone of these things and draw it inside your Draw method.

    Just in case, if you would have to return everything in the GetVirtualObject methods, you would need to insert everything under a null and return this null. And to manually handles/tracks material (this part can become very tedious)

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

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