PoseMorph Tag question

  • Hi
    I want to print PoseMorphTag Values(like point relative position),but seem to have some problems。

    def main():
        m_tag = op.GetTag(c4d.Tposemorph)
        mor = m_tag.GetMorph(1)
        node = mor.GetFirst()
        cnt = node.GetPointCount()
        print cnt
        for i in xrange(cnt):
            print i,":",node.GetPoint(i)


    I want to get point(index: 167 or >12),but i don't know how to get?

    Thanks for anyone help!

  • Hi @chuanzhen,

    In its "normal" state, a CAMorphNode only store modified point and not all the points. So if you want to access all the points, you should call SetMode with flags c4d.CAMORPH_MODE_FLAGS_ALL | c4d.CAMORPH_MODE_FLAGS_EXPAND, do not forget to collapse it after any usage.
    I know you are developing in Python, but the C++ document is way more relevant in this regards, so please take a look at the CAMorphNode::SetMode or even the CAMorphNode Manual.

    Improvement of the python doc will be done.

  • @m_adam Thanks for your help and look forward to the improvement of python doc☺

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