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I am work to write a plugin to manipulate an object and its axis. But I do not find how to put options in the settings window, like, for example, when you click on Move, Scale or Rotate.

What type of plugin are you writing? If it's a ToolData, you need a Description which you can either create at runtime through GetDDescription, or if it's static you can just add a .res file containing the description.

You may consider look at a ToolData sample project like EdgeCutTool which would probably answer your question already?

I'm not sure what you mean by "the settings window" though, normally that would be the tool's description in the Attribute Manager, see above. If you look for a method to add data to an existing description of a tool that you didn't write yourself (like Move, Scale, or Rotate), that is not possible. If you are looking for entries in the Preferences, you will need to register a PrefsDialogObject.

I'm sure the Maxon team can help you farther but perhaps you can elaborate in the meantime.

The main function of the plugin is to place the object on the floor. The options I want are:

  • Do not touch the axis
  • Place the axis in the center of the object
  • Place Y axis at the base of the object

I will, as you suggest, review EdgeCutTool in detail.

Thanks @Cairyn for your clues ;)
It was me who was not looking at the right place in the doc.
I am still a beginner in C4D programming :)

Hi Passion3D,

no worries, in German we say, no master ever fell from the sky. I'm glad @Cairyn could get you going.

One request from my side, please consider using our tagging system instead of adding "Python: " to the subject. Thanks! :relaxed:


Aaargh, sorry, I had wanted to add a link to one of ourPython SDK examples, basically accompanying Cairyn's explanations:
Py-LiquidPainter - A ToolData example
link text

Thanks @Andreas ;)
I watched Py-LiquidPainter, but I did not really understand :)
That said, for the parameters, I understood how to do