SOLVED Compatibility between R20 versions

With our plugins, we try to be compatible to as many Cinema versions as possible. With R20, I noticed a quirk:

When building a plugin with e.g. R20.030 or R20.053, the resulting binary does not get loaded in R20.011. No error message in the console, no crash, nothing. It just doesn't load.

When building with R20.011, the resulting binary does get loaded in R20.030 and R20.053, and it seems to behave normal. I didn't do extensive testing yet, though.

Here's the question: Is it safe to build our binaries with R20.011? Or can we expect surprises when running them in production on later R20 versions?

Thanks in advance!
Best greetings,

Hi Franck, backward and upward compatibility for the current major release is something we really consider and try our best to not break.

Unfortunately, for R20 plugins, they need to be recompiled to make them compatible with R20 SP1.
See C++ Index or either in the R20.026 changelog.

You may encounter an issue with plugin compiled with R20.011 (see the R20.026 changelog) since you may override maxon dedicated IDs which will break for sure some C4D/plugin stuff.