SOLVED Priority: PriorityData and PriorityList


I think dealing with priorities in expression tags is quiet simple. First level order from Initial to Generators and the second level order from lower integers to higher.
I have an objectData and for example I want it to execute between Generators -5 and Generators -3. How can I get the plugin working exectly at the point Generators -4?

ObjectData.AddToExecution(op, PriorityList) / PriorityList.Add(node, priority, flags):

  • priority -> totally clear
  • flags -> absolutly not clear, it isn´t equal to the PRIORITYVALUE_PRIORITY integer of a priorityData, right?

Thx alot

Hi @rownn

I would like to point you to Q&A New Functionality and How to Post Questions especially the tagging part, please correct your post.

Regarding your questions.
EXECUTIONPRIORITY_XXX constants are actually the int value of the priority. So if you want to do Generator - 4 you simply have to pass


Then the flag passed in PriorityList.Add method is the flag passed to the Execute method to determine from the execute which kind of execution you are currently doing. This is mostly to identify which call you are currently doing (Execute can be called multiple time).

Finally, changing the priority only affect when the Execute method is called, GetVirtualObject or any other methods are not delayed.

If you have any question, please let me know.

Hi @rownn, does my previous post, answers your question? If so, please turn this topic as solved.

Hi m_adam,

thank you very much for the enlightenment on priorities, it helps alot, and sorry for my late reply.

Greetings and thx again

PS: I´ll keep the pointed way of posting in mind.