Solved Tvolumebuilder?

I came across the following docs about a Volume Builder Tag.

But I don't see any such tag in the Tags menu in C4D.

Also I don't see any mention of such a tag id in the SDK.

There are resource files for it... tvolumebuilder.h, .res, .str etc...

Am I missing something, feeling like I might be staring at it in the UI and just not actually seeing it.


As the docs state, the tag is invisible:

Hi @kbar, just extra information, Tvolumebuilder store extra information to be used by the VolumeBuilder.
But you can get/set these information using VolumeBuilder::GetSettingsContainerForIndex() or VolumeBuilder::GetSettingsContainerForObject() for more information please read VolumeBuilder Manual.

If you have any question please let me know.

Thanks, I was wondering how to access the data. This will come in useful further down the line.