Solved Alternative menu for plugins

Hello PluginCafe :)

Usually, when I'm creating plugins, it appears under C4D's plugins menu or under tags menu if it's a tag. Is it possible to manually define where it will be found? for example in viewport menu or in attribute manager.


In some way you can, but it involves quite some coding.

In the past I have added a checkbox option menu in the Object Manager.
In my particular case I wanted that option to be right below the native "Scroll to first active" menu entry.
For that I had to rebuild the whole "Show" submenu of the Object Manager's menu.

It's been a while, so I have no idea what I did back then ... but here's the original discusssion from the legacy forum.

Hope this helps

Hi, @merkvilson I think you can find the information you need in the link provided by @C4DS.
Otherwise, I would like to point you to our code example in our documentation to Enhance the Main Menu.

Of course, if you have any question, do not hesitate.

Thanks, guys. This worked :blue_heart:

btw, the problem is not solved yet. I need to place my script in Attribute Manager. As I know, the main menu is called M_EDITOR but what is the name of attribute manager?


Hi @merkvilson, sadly this is not possible to add something to the attribute manager, since the attribute manager is a special window, and the menu is hardcoded.