Acessing BaseShader properties

  • Hello,

    I have a BaseShader attribute on my plugin, and I want to access it's properties.

    For example, I can identify it's a gradient shader by it's type (Xgradient), but how can I know it's type (U, V, radial, etc...)?


  • Answering myself, I found header files for some shaders in the cinema framework, like xcolor.h for the Xcolor shader, but not for all of them. Unfortunately there's anything for the two I want right now (Xgradient and Xvertexmap).

    Then of course, the good old trick of dragging the attribute to the command line tells me what I'm looking for...

  • Hello,

    there should be header files for all shaders.

    The header file of Xgradient is xslagradient.h.

    The header file of Xvertexmap is xslavertexmap.h.

    best wishes,

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