Adding Bitmap Button to ListView

  • Hello,
    I have created this listview (I found it easier than a treeview and it makes what I need) but instead of having checkbox using(LV_COLUMN_CHECKBOX) or buttons (LV_COLUMN_BUTTON) I would like to have bitmap button. I saw that there was LV_COLUMN_BMP for bitmap but I do not know if that will help me and how.
    Is there any way I can use something like a bitmap button where I can use icons or images on it for this case.
    I would really appreciate if you would offer me an example if such a thing can be done.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi @Ogers LV_COLUMN_BMP accept an icon id. You can also register your own icon (meaning you own bitmap) with RegisterIcon from the Icon Librabry.

    Note a ListView offer limited support if you want to directly draw into cells you will need to switch to a TreeView.

    Here an example for handling LV_COLUMN_BMP .

    #include "customgui_listview2.h"
    class ListViewDialog : public GeDialog
    	SimpleListView			listview;
    	Int32 GADGET_LISTVIEW = 10001;
    	virtual Bool CreateLayout();
    	virtual Bool InitValues();
    	virtual Bool Command(Int32 id, const BaseContainer& msg);
    Bool ListViewDialog::CreateLayout()
    	// first call the parent instance
    	Bool res = GeDialog::CreateLayout();
    	// Create the LisTView
    	listview.AttachListView(this, GADGET_LISTVIEW);
    	return res;
    Bool ListViewDialog::InitValues()
    	// first call the parent instance
    	if (!GeDialog::InitValues())
    		return false;
    	// Define our Columns
    	BaseContainer layout = BaseContainer();
    	layout.SetInt32('chck', LV_COLUMN_CHECKBOX);
    	layout.SetInt32('name', LV_COLUMN_TEXT);
    	layout.SetInt32('bttn', LV_COLUMN_BUTTON);
    	layout.SetInt32('bmp', LV_COLUMN_BMP);
    	listview.SetLayout(4, layout);
    	// Fill our columns with 2 Entry
    	BaseContainer data = BaseContainer();
    	for (Int32 i = 0; i < 2; i++)
    		data.SetInt32('chck', true);
    		data.SetString('name', "Something"_s);
    		data.SetString('bttn', "..."_s);
    		data.SetInt32('bmp', IDM_KEY_LAST);
    		listview.SetItem(i, data);
    	// Update the listView
    	return true;
    Bool ListViewDialog::Command(Int32 id, const BaseContainer& msg)
    	// If there is an action on our ListView
    	if (id == GADGET_LISTVIEW)
    		// Check the column, if it's an action on the int(bmp) column ID
    		Int32 ColId = msg.GetInt32(LV_SIMPLE_COL_ID);
    		if(ColId == 'bmp')
    			// Retrieves all data of this lines
    			Int32 itemId = msg.GetInt32(LV_SIMPLE_ITEM_ID);
    			BaseContainer bc;
    			listview.GetItem(itemId, &bc);
    			// Get the current data of our int(bmp) column / BaseContainer
    			Int32 currIconId = bc.GetInt32('bmp');
    				case IDM_KEY_LAST:
    					bc.SetInt32('bmp', Osphere);
    				case Osphere:
    					bc.SetInt32('bmp', IDM_KEY_LAST);
    					bc.SetInt32('bmp', IDM_KEY_LAST);
    			// Push back our change to the item
    			listview.SetItem(itemId, bc);
    			// Update the ListView
    	return true;

    If you have any question left, please let me know.

  • Hello @m_adam
    Thank you for your answer. I was looking more to have a bitmap button on my listView instead of just an icon, like a toggle button where the icon is changed when clicked. I have done it but not inside a listView. Is that possible to be done inside the listView.
    Thank you.

  • @ogers said in Adding Bitmap Button to ListView:

    like a toggle button where the icon is changed when clicked

    It's exactly what the code I posted does. Take a look at the Command method.

  • Thank you @m_adam
    It works fine