SOLVED 3D Mouse Slider Focus

Hi all,
Have a colleague at work that uses the 3DConnexion SpaceMouse and he ask me if it would be possible to create a script that can help him select a specific values in the 3D Mouse GUI (red boxes).

I was trying to access the the DescId for that value, but I can't figure how you can do it.
Did anyone tried this beforehand?

Edit: I've manage to find and edit the value, but still need to focus that slider if possible?
Would the GeDialog.Activate(id) be a solution perhaps?

Thank you very much in advance! ☺ 👍


Hello Andre,

no, our API does not provide means to access arbitrary dialogs, which you'd need to be able to influence the focus or call GeDialog.Activate(). Sorry.

Being a user of a 3DConnexion device myself, I'd like to make you aware of CollieMouse. It's been developed by @Cairyn (who's also active over at CGTalk). Though I'm not sure he has an R20 port, yet, maybe it's worth looking into it. It has a bunch of nice features (it really puts a SpaceMouse to a whole new level) and maybe Cairyn is even willing to add a command, which enables you to achieve what you want without direct access to the dialog.


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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for coming back to me! ☺
Yes it may be worth trying to ask him. Unfortunately the links I found pointing to his site are broken, so probably he's no longer selling it?
What version of the plugin and Cinema do you have for it?

Thank you again!

@andreanjos Well, I am around. CollieMouse is still active (as I am using it myself daily) but I have not got around porting it to R20 yet. I am bound to step into R20 development soon though.

CollieMouse is an alternative controller however. It does not work through the abovementioned dialog but comes with its own dialogs. It does support the navigation cross and the newest 3Dconnexion functionalities.

I have not officially offered CollieMouse again since only very few C4D users seem to utilize a SpaceMouse at all (personally, I find it indispensable) and there is an unsolved issue in the screen refresh, but I can still provide the plugin when there is interest.

@cairyn Hi, Thanks for replying! The person that I'm helping uses R19, not sure if that would make a difference to you.
Is it ok if he PM's you through CGTalk?
Thank you for your help! ☺


@andreanjos Sure, they can do that. I'm not sure whether CollieMouse can help directly, but I will listen to their issue.

@cairyn Awesome! Appreciate your time! 👍


Hello @Cairyn, do you have now a working version of CollieMouse working for R23 and higher? If yes, could we have a short talk about it?
Thanks a lot,

@mocoloco Yes, CollieMouse works under R23 (it's the first thing I update since it's a primary tool for me, except that I kinda skipped R20).

Hey, this is a super old thread...

Thanks a lot @cairyn for your answer. Yes, that's a super old thread, but it's the one talking about CollieMouse 😉
Do you have a link to get / buy it? The only link I found is about a v1.2 free, which is not working under R23.

Thanks a lot!

@mocoloco said in 3D Mouse Slider Focus:

Thanks a lot @cairyn for your answer. Yes, that's a super old thread, but it's the one talking about CollieMouse 😉
Do you have a link to get / buy it? The only link I found is about a v1.2 free, which is not working under R23.

I do have a R23 version. You may want to contact me under
cairyn at tigress dot com
to continue the talk; I guess this is not appropriate for this forum. Thanks!

hello @Cairyn ! I would like to rotate around the point where the cursor is. Is there a way to do it with your plugin?
Is there a way to talk privately about it? thank you

@charly CollieMouse rotates around the current selection or the explicit rotation center (the one you set with the INS shortcut). It will not rotate around the mouse pointer (I think... I implemented so many modes over time that I tend to forget the options...). The mouse pointer only exists in 2D space anyway so the actual rotation would happen around a projection of the mouse position into the scene, and if you move the mouse, the rotational center would change... not sure whether that is even a usable mode.

The mode I'd recommend would be around the explicit center: Position the mouse, press INS (or whatever shortcut you use), and then use the 3D mouse to rotate around that. C4D shows the explicit center as green cross so you always know where it is.

At the moment there is no R2023 version of CollieMouse anyway, so the point is moot. But you can reach me under cairyn (at) tigress (dot) com if you require specialty development.