FILENAME attribute extension filter

  • hello,

    I have a resource file containing a FILENAME attribute.
    I want it to be able to select only files of a specific extension.
    Usually I configure custom GUI attributes in GetDDescription, but I don't find anything in customgui_filename.h to set the extension.

    Is it possible? How?

  • Hello,

    a FILENAME parameter has no options to set a suffix.

    If you want to only select files of a specific type you could implement SetDParameter() to check if the given Filename is acceptable.

    best wishes,

  • @s_bach Hi Sebastian,

    How exactly can I reject the file selected by the user?
    This is what I tried, I can see the message dialog when the user selects an unexpected file, but the value is always set, independent if I return true, false, or unset the flags.

    Bool AnimationModifier::SetDParameter( GeListNode* node, const DescID& id, const GeData& t_data, DESCFLAGS_SET& flags )
    	auto paramId = id[0].id;
    	if ( paramId == anm_FilePathAttribute )
    		auto suffix = t_data.GetFilename().GetSuffix().ToLower();
    		if ( suffix != "abc"_s )
    			MessageDialog( "Select an Alembic file with extension .abc"_s );
    			//flags &= ~DESCFLAGS_SET_PARAM_SET;
    			//return true;
    			return false;
    	return SUPER::SetDParameter( node, id, t_data, flags );

  • Hello,

    you could try to write an empty value into the BaseContainer when the suffix is wrong. Something like this:

      const maxon::String suffix = t_data.GetFilename().GetSuffix().ToLower();
      if (suffix != "abc"_s)
        BaseContainer& bc = static_cast<BaseList2D*>(node)->GetDataInstanceRef();
        bc.SetFilename(EXAMPLE_FILENAME_PARAM, Filename());
        flags |= DESCFLAGS_SET::PARAM_SET;
        return true;

    Please notice there is no "official" solution to this; just use what works for you.

    Best wishes,

  • @s_bach Ok, I can revert the values to the base container. That solves my issue, thanks!

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