TreeView Add Data

  • Hello.
    Is it possible to add Data on a TreeView using Layout files. If it is can you help me with an example please?
    Thank you.

  • Hi Ogers, unfortunately, it's not possible to fill data of a TreeView using Layout File.

    A Layout File does not have purpose to define value, but only information about how your object will be represented. So you can only state there is a CUSTOMGUI_TREEVIEW.
    Then if you are in:

    1. NodeData, override GetDDescription method. See GetDDescription() Manual.
    2. GeDialog, override CreateLayout method. See GeDialog Resources Manual

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

  • Hey @m_adam
    But how can I add my own parameters on a TreeView.
    I have created a CUSTOMGUI_TREEVIEW and have attached TreeViewFunctions and I know that we should modify functions overridden from the TreeViewFunctions but I do not know how to put my own parameters on the TreeView.
    I have seen the example on the sdk too, with the activeobject but it seems a bit complicated.
    Can you help me with this one please?
    Thank you.

  • Hi @Ogers, first of all I did forget to mention in my first post, but could you read How to post questions and especially tagging, in order to know at least if it's a python or C++ question.

    With that's said regarding your issue.
    What do you mean by your own parameter?
    I suggest you to read this topic, where I did a quick presentation about what to override, why and how.

    If you have any question left please do not hesitate to come back with some code! :)

  • May I ask you if your initial question is solved by now? Then please mark this post as solved.

  • I passed on the listview for now. I still have to look in more details for the TreeView.
    Thank you.

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