Use Team Render from command line

Hi there,

We are trying to add Cinema 4D to our custom rendering pipeline. We are already able to render projects with Cinema 4D by using the command line.

What we are missing is the ability to render those projects with Team Render. Although the team render clients are added on the PC where we trigger the rendering, it does not distribute the rendering onto them. When rendering the project via the GUI, Team Render is available and works as expected.

Is there a flag on the command line which enables Team Render?


Hi coeing, thanks for reaching us.

With regard to your specific request, I warmly invite you to contact the MAXON Support Center since the topic doesn't actually pertain to Cinema 4D development.

Beside contacting the support center, it could be also helpful to check this page where some command line arguments are presented.

Best, Riccardo

Hi @r_gigante

Thanks for your quick answer. I saw it just now because I wasn't informed via mail :/

I sent my question to the support center now. I'm not sure if they can answer such technical question, that's why I hoped that a fellow developer might know about it :)

I discovered the command line page already, there is unfortunately no command line parameter to explicitly enable TeamRender.