Solved Dialog Layout to Resource Description

I was checking Arnold's Renderer and I saw that for the UI of the render settings they have used not only Description Resource but also Dialog Layout.

I have a VideoPostData-derived plugin to add additional settings to the render settings. I am currently using Description Resource, but I need more flexibility to build a complex UI, like Arnold's for example. Dialog Layout would give me the required flexibility.
How can I include a Dialog Layout inside a Description Resource? Or is there another way to build complex UIs for which simple Description Resource is not enough?

Hi @Ogers, a Dialog Layout can't be included within a Description Resource.

With that's said, the only way to use GeDialog, GeUserArea into a Description Resource, is to create a CustomGUI (like the Gradient) then in your Description, you can include this CustomGUI.

But CustomGui should not be used for a whole Layout, only part of it. An example of a iCustomGui implementation can be found in customdata_customgui.cpp.

If you have any question, please let me know.