Solved Using c4dpy to show Class Documentation?

Is it possible to have c4dpy show documenation for classes?

Functions Docs:
Lots of helpful information!

Class Docs:
A bit anemic by comparison.

Specifically, I'm looking for a description of what a class is generally used for. I would also love it if there was some way to have autocomplete list the functions in an ObjectData class that need to be overloaded to get a working plugin.

Are these things supported and I just don't have VS Code configured properly? If not, please consider this a request to add them in the future.


Hi Donovan, unfortunately currently there is no docstring in our class definition so it's why VS code shows nothing about them.

Regarding the overloaded stuff, there is no way for doing it right now, but you could define your own snippets for each plugin type.

I can't promise you anything, but this is something we definitely consider.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and I wish you a happy new year!

Hi Maxime - thank you very much for the response, and I'm glad to hear you're considering it for the future.