Solved [XPresso] How to add numeric data from an In-/Exclusion Userdata?


I have a Null Object with an In-/Exclusion Userdata attached. In In-/Exclusion Userdata some Mograph Effector have been added. I want to use Sample Node to get all Strength of Mograph Effector, then add output Strength together. How can I do?

Here is the snapshot of the scene.


The problem I meet is that I can't use Python to sample the output of a Mograph Effector(Sample Node With Python), and I haven't found a way to cumulate output of an Object List Node.


Hi @eZioPan, first of all, I would like to remind you, we do not have the purpose to help you with Xpresso and we normally do not have the purpose to help you on algorithm question.

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You need to store everything yourself, so a map of effector and result. Then you can do the calculation.

import c4d
#Welcome to the world of Python

listEffector = list()

class Effector(object):

    def __init__(self, eff, mat):
        self.eff = eff
        self.mat = mat

def main():
    global finalMat, listEffector

    effectorInList = None
    for e in listEffector:
        if e.eff == eff:
            effectorInList = e

    if not effectorInList:
        newEff = Effector(eff, mat)
        effectorInList.mat = mat

    finalMat = c4d.Matrix()
    for e in listEffector:
        finalMat *= e.mat

Find this script in the Gvnode of this file. 0_1545392377324_effectorSampling.c4d

Note that all effector offer the possibility to be used as a Deformer by switching the Deformation Mode to Object.


Hi, @m_adam

Thank you for your kindness and the inspiring answer! It's a GREAT Christmas present for me!

So sorry asking XPresso related questions in this forum.
The problem I faced is a little bit complex than this: I need sample Effectors' total Output Strengths in the position from a Polygon Object's Points, and store the result into a Vertex Color Map attached for further use.
This problem bothers me for months, and I didn't find any clue until your post. I have never think about using Python Node with global variable in XPresso Network can keep the data as I need and do the magic!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say THANK YOU.
The answer you give not only solve this problem, but also inspire me re-thinking of ObjectList Node and Python Node, and how these nodes executed in an XPresso Network.

Just let me THANK YOU AGAIN!

Best wishes for you to have a wonderful holiday!