Solved Add Dotted Line to Labels

I am trying to write some lines like the ones in the picture but if I use dots as a character I get them very close to each other not like in the picture.
Is there any way I can use to get the same result as it is shown there.
Thank you.

Afaik, those dots appear automatically and only on descriptions.
Don't know, if it is possible to mimic this behavior ootb with Dialogs.

AddStaticText(ID_QUICKTAB_SUBDIALOG_SUBGROUP_TEXT + _dialogIdx, BFH_LEFT | BFV_TOP, 220, 20, "Crop Max"_s, 0);

I am using this for generating a static text and reserving 220px for that text but the unused space gives me just empty string. And as I said if I use dots character I do not get the same result as in the picture.
Is there any way how to make the dots appear for the AddStaticText method?

Hi @Ogers, first of all, welcome in the plugincafe community.

Before to start I would like to point you to:
-Q&A New Functionality.
-About Tags and Tagging.

I've setup your topic correctly.

As you can see, and already figured in this topic what you are seeing in your picture is a DescriptionCustomGui especially how the CustomGui display each DescId entry.
That means it's not a text, but a parameter ID. Which can be dragged into the console / animated for example.
There is no proper way to creates theses without using DescriptionCustomGui.

With that's said I will answer to your other topic.