Add Dotted Line to Labels

  • 0_1545059515516_Maxon.PNG
    I am trying to write some lines like the ones in the picture but if I use dots as a character I get them very close to each other not like in the picture.
    Is there any way I can use to get the same result as it is shown there.
    Thank you.

  • Afaik, those dots appear automatically and only on descriptions.
    Don't know, if it is possible to mimic this behavior ootb with Dialogs.

  • AddStaticText(ID_QUICKTAB_SUBDIALOG_SUBGROUP_TEXT + _dialogIdx, BFH_LEFT | BFV_TOP, 220, 20, "Crop Max"_s, 0);

    I am using this for generating a static text and reserving 220px for that text but the unused space gives me just empty string. And as I said if I use dots character I do not get the same result as in the picture.
    Is there any way how to make the dots appear for the AddStaticText method?

  • Hi @Ogers, first of all, welcome in the plugincafe community.

    Before to start I would like to point you to:
    -Q&A New Functionality.
    -About Tags and Tagging.

    I've setup your topic correctly.

    As you can see, and already figured in this topic what you are seeing in your picture is a DescriptionCustomGui especially how the CustomGui display each DescId entry.
    That means it's not a text, but a parameter ID. Which can be dragged into the console / animated for example.
    There is no proper way to creates theses without using DescriptionCustomGui.

    With that's said I will answer to your other topic.