Project Tool failing when installing on Mac

  • Hey guys I'm trying to get set up for development on my Mac running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. I'm putting both the project tool and the sdk folder in the directory ~/Documents/C4D/ and I'm running the project tool from the command line with the command below: g_updateproject=~/Documents/C4D/sdk

    once I've CD'd into the project tool's directory of course. When I do so it seems to get most of the way through the install then consistently drops out with the error message below:

    WARNING: OpenConnection not implemented: relative:///~/Documents/C4D/sdk. [iobasehandler_impl.cpp(657)] [projectmanager.cpp(2553)]

    I've installed clean versions of the sdk and the project tool but I'm still having this happen. It happens after it tries to load this file:

    Loading file:///Users/frank/Documents/C4D/project_tool/corelibs/network.module.xlib with module(s)

    Any tips on why this might be happening?

  • Try using the absolute path to where your sdk is: /Users/YourName/Documents/C4D/sdk

    g_updateproject: Defines the folder the tool should work on. Currently the tool only accepts absolute paths. This is typically the location of the SDK including frameworks and plugins. See SDK Overview.

  • Hey that was it! Thanks