Solved Bitmap scaling up

I would like to refer to a thread in the legacy forum ... actually still waiting on some feedback to that (2017)

Story short, the above discussion was related to copying bitmap without scaling.
The documentation (R20) about ScaleBicubic still mentions:
"This function can currently only scale down, i.e. the destination needs to be smaller or equal to the source in size." -> notice the "equal". While I understood from the legacy thread that equal doesn't work.

Moving on.
What about the ScaleIt, there is no mention of only being able to scale down. But using the function it seems to only work when scaling down.
So, what are my options to scale up a bitmap?

Never mind the scaling up part of the question.
Spoke a little too soon.
The ScaleIt does actually do this perfectly ... I simply forgot to draw the scaled bitmap to the view (shame, shame).
Found the example in the BaseBitmap manual showing a 2x scaling, so I knew I did something wrong.

Now, I didn;t simply want to delete this thread, and am leaving it as "unsolved" in order to trigger for the documentation part of the question.
Will set it to "Solved" in a day or two.

Thanks, @C4DS for pointing out this issue.

It will be fixed in the next version.