Solved SetDocumentData options for exporting

Hi everyone,

I'm struggling to find the options (like the ones visible in the gui, export materials/flip z axis and so on) in the python documentation.

SaveDocument takes a base document as parameter and I set its settings using SetDocumentData that points to this list of settings:

[](link url)

I don't see all the options I can see in the gui. How do I set them?

Hi @Rage,

I'm not sure to understand your current context. Are you doing a script, or a SceneSaver plugin?

Moreover, do you want to export the file in a different format than c4d?
And about "export materials/flip Z axis" parameter can you tell me where you find them within Cinema 4D?


Hi @m_adam ,

Let me give you more details.
I'm writing a plugin that processes the geometry of each object in a scene. After processing the geometry I want to export the file as obj and mtl. I followed the documentation to do this last part (linked in the first post) but the mtl is not exporting. On the other hand, on another machine, the mtl gets exported.

If you go to file->export->obj , after selecting the path to export to, you will see that a list of parameters pops up. In one of these parameters you can set to export or to don't export the materials. For some reasons, when I run the plugin, on my computer the material is not exported. How can I set this property and all the others that pop up in this dialog?

Hi @Rage

I guess export_OBJ example on our Github repository is what you are looking for.
Note for the moment values of the BaseContainer are not available in the Python Documentation.
But you could find them in the C++ documentation about fobjexport2.h.

If you have any question please let me know.