Solved CheckDropArea documentation "typo" ?

Another documentation issue.
According to the "How to Post Questions" I should be able to provide documentation + issue as tags, but I haven't found the one for documentation, or I might have overlooked it.
Anyway, back to the original purpose of this post ...

Playing with the drag and drop functionality (in R19 / R16, for testing purposes) I notice that the documentation for CheckDropArea has a link to Drag and Drop article. Nice.
The R20 online documentation, however, simply points to the GeDialog Class Reference. Not so nice ;-)

Back to the R19 documentation then ...
The Drag and Drop article mentions
'Note that it is possible to check against groups as well' and proceeds with an example

if (CheckDropArea(dlg, DLG_GROUP, msg))
  if (CheckDropArea(DLG_ITEM1, msg, true, true)) {}
  if (CheckDropArea(DLG_ITEM2, msg, true, true)) {}

While there only seems to be a single CheckDrop method available to the GeDialog.
So, in order to check against a group one would use:

if (CheckDropArea(DLG_GROUP, msg, true, true)) {}

Right ?

OK, had to edit my post, as I felt the ending "Right ?" was misleading.
It wasn't meant to ask if using the CheckDropArea(DLG_GROUP, msg, true, true) was the right way to go, but if the documentation concerning was rather "suspicious". As not to say wrong ... right? ;-)

Hi @C4DS, thanks a lot for your message.
Documentation tag have been added.

Drag and Drop Manual, changed to:

Links will work correctly in the next update of the doc.

However you are right, the code sample in the old manual was wrong. It should have been

if (CheckDropArea(DLG_GROUP, msg, true, true)) {}

Note, you could also create your own function as demonstrated in the AsyncTest Example.