Plugin crashes on Windows 10

  • Hello PluginCafe,
    so I have been developing a plugin for a client and we recently stumbled across a VERY strange issue.
    First of all, the plugin works completely fine on Windows 7and 8/8.1 no issues there. But on Windows 10 it crashes when you insert the plugin (object data /object modifier) into the scene.
    I actually "found" the cause which is in the GUI. I have a relatively large .res file and two parameters crash the plugin. Note: the plugin works fine when commenting both out.


    These two lines crash the plugin, and I have no idea why. As I said before, the .res file is relatively big and has more real-sliders in it, which work without a problem. In my code I use the same method to initialize and read from the parameters for all of them.
    I tried to read/initialize them in three different ways:

    1. Straight forward using the BaseContainer (modifier->GetDataInstance() from the ModifieObject for reading)
    2. With modifier->GetParameter(...) same result.
    3. doing nothing at all.
      I also tried renaiming those parameters and giving them different IDs but it always crashes.
      I had a similar issue once, where I could not load a ImageButton on Windows 7 but all other Windows versions.
      Is there something I missed, maybe a cache file or something that might have corrupted something?
      Becuase at this point I really don't know what I am doing wrong here.

    thanks in advance!
    Kind regards,

  • Hi Florian,

    sorry, to hear about this issue. To be honest, I can hardly believe that it's those parameters or sliders causing a crash on plugin registration. I'm more thinking of some memory maybe being trashed beforehand. But in the end, it doesn't matter so much, what I do believe or not or what I might suspect, we want to assist you in solving this riddle.

    As we have no evidence for issues in the described area, nor are we able to reproduce it via a simply example, I'd like to ask you for some more information. Could you maybe provide us with a stack trace, when the crash happened? Either from within Visual Studio or via the crash reporter (in the latter case, please notify me here, I need to look out for the report).

    I have turned this thread into a question.