GlProgramFactory not documented

Hi there,

while browsing the R20 SDK docs, I noticed that class GlProgramFactory is not mentioned anymore. However, it is still being used in the SDK example file gl_test_object.cpp, and seems to offer quite extensive functionality.

Is there a reason the documentation was removed? Where can I find information about how the thing works in R20?

Thanks & greetings,

Oh wait, I found older SDK docs in my archive and noticed that glProgramFactory was never documented. I guess that was because back then it wasn't recommended to fumble around with the Gl functions... but nowadays, we even have an official SDK example for it, so... is there a chance to have this documented in the near future?


Hi Frank,

actually I think, all the examples on GLProgramFactory have been there for quite I while. I just checked and they were already available in Cinema 4D R13, maybe even earlier (there are actually quite a few, see GitHub).

Unfortunately that is all we have on this topic, chances are pretty bad, we can shed any additional light on this topic.

I turned this thread into a question.