Solved get lamp attributes?

I would like to call and get the attributes returned for a redshiftlamp.
In Maya it is close to this.
which will return me 5

How would I approach this in Python for Cinema, I need to do this for almost all the attributes.

My thanks!

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since you didn't specify what language you want to use, here's a link to the C++ manual.
You should go with GetParameter(): See here and here
This blog post might also help you:

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Hello mp5,

Thanks for the info, I assumed only Python was available.
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In Python, it's actually more convenient. You simply access them like this:
Example is a cube, we want its X-size:
You can simply drag an object's parameter into the command line of the console or the console itself. It then shows you the parameter names.
That is the most simple and easiest way.
However, that might not always work depending on what you want to read, so you have to use BaseContainer or GetParameter() as well.

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Thanks for the example. but I still don't get the syntax right :/
any introduction maybe to read on? this seems super basic...
If I drag in a parameter from a cube, let's keep using X.

cube = doc.GetActiveObjects(0)
 x = cube[c4d.PRIM_CUBE_LEN,c4d.VECTOR_X]

returns nothing. ('of course' probably) and the selected cube will not take GetParameter since it's a baseobjects and not a C4D.Atom class.
but x = c4d.C4DAtom() is not allowed to be instantiated :(

got it working. forum got's loads of answered question wich gave good insight. thanks

The syntax is python, so you can look it up here.
There's of course a lot of stuff to get your hands on. Here you will find the official SDK documentation with lots of examples on GitHub to help getting started.

Your code didn't work, because you did not access the returned list correctly.
The correct way would be:

cube = doc.GetActiveObjects(c4d.GETACTIVEOBJECTFLAGS_0)[0]
# note: It is better to write out flags and not set the Ints directly. More readable and less error-prone to API changes.

You can read it up here: GetActiveObjects()

You may want to consider using GetActiveObject(), which returns the current active object only (Returns None in case of multiple objects - see docs).


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