Solved Get type name by Id

This sounds like a very basic question, I'm probably skipping a very clear concept, but I can't find the answer anywhere...

How Can I get the type name of a custom object from the type id only?

This is what I'm doing but I'm sure there should be some API call that does the same:

auto baseObject = BaseObject::Alloc( operatorTypeId );
auto name = baseObject->GetTypeName();
BaseObject::Free( baseObject );
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You can access the BasePlugin object that represents a registered plugin type with FindPlugin(). From that object you can access the name:

// find plugin
const BasePlugin* const plugin = FindPlugin(pluginId, PLUGINTYPE::ANY);
if (plugin == nullptr)
  return maxon::UnexpectedError(MAXON_SOURCE_LOCATION);

// print plugin name
const maxon::String name = plugin->GetName();
ApplicationOutput("Plugin Name: @", name);

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And if you are only interested in BaseObjects, there is also GetObjectName().

See BaseObject Manual.

@s_bach I've tried GetPlugin but even returning the BasePlugin pointer, GetName() was always empty for my custom baseObjects. Edit: GetName() works, GetTypeName() don't.

But GetObjectName() is perfect for me, thanks!