Solved No fbx exporter in python library?

Hi all,

I'm trying to export a file to fbx format, I'm using R20. On the graphic user interface there's the option to export as fbx format, while, on the python documentation there's not.
Here's the reference:

What am I missing?

Hi Rage,

Unfortunately several importers and exporters do not have a constant for their ID. This is the case for FBX.
The ID for the FBX exporter is 1026370.

To find the ID of a specific exporter you can use the following code:

import c4d

saverPlugs = c4d.plugins.FilterPluginList(c4d.PLUGINTYPE_SCENESAVER, True)
for plug in saverPlugs:
    print('{} : {}'.format(plug.GetName(), plug.GetID()))

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