Solved deformer object priority

if deformer object have priority? or can i add priority to deformer object ?I have some problems about priority.
My work:
Deformer object control polygon point,
point control joint(use Xpresso,Priority: Generator 1),
joint control another polygon by Skin(Priority: Generator 2).

Thing look easy and orderly,but not.when i change Deformer object parameter,everything is ok,but 'ctrl + z',polygon object can't back to the original,must click object or play refresh.So, i think maybe add priority to deformer object is a resolvent? Or what mistakes have I made?(use python tag did't get Priority form deformer object,return None )

Hi @mike,
No worries at all since, but please make sure to read and apply the rules defined on the following topics:

Regarding your question, you can make use of the Shift Priority Tags. You can find more information on the priority in the c4d help.

But C4D also offer the Shift Priority Tag.
Finally, note in some case it can be a limitation of the viewport which not refresh properly while data are correctly set.
And you need to manually refresh the viewport.

Hope it solves your issue, if you have any question please let me know!

Thank you for your answer!@m_adam
Although object go back normal after i clicked 'Redraw' (I guess that's the reason),it isn't make sure problem is 'refresh the viewport'. 'refresh the viewport' can also fix Priority error result .
'Shift Priority Tag' just effective Expression.It can't help.
After asking questions,i try to use Python Tag to replace 'Spline Deformer Object' ,because Python Tag have Priority.Fortunately,even though it looks very complicated, but everything become ok!