How do priorities work when all objects/tags have the same priority?

  • Greetings to all.

    Quick question- how does C4D evaluate objects and tags when everything has the same priority?

    For example, if I had the following hierarchy in the object manager:

    • Polygon 1
      • Skin
    • ObjectData plugin (returns spline contour)
    • Null.1 (with Xpresso tag, Generators 0 priority)
    • Null.2 (with Xpresso tag, Generators 0 priority)
    • Null.3 (with Xpresso tag, Generators 0 priority)
    • Polygon 2
      • Skin

    What order would these objects be evaluated by C4D? Is it top-down, tags first, or top-down, tags last? Are object deformers simply considered generators at priority 0, or something else? What about ObjectData plugins that return spline contours? Do those run at generators 0 as well?


  • Hi @cmpxchh8b,
    No worries at all since it's one of your first posts, but please make sure to read and apply the rules defined on the following topics:

    Regarding your question, if an object gets the same priority it's from top to bottom. Then you can find valuable information about priority in the c4d help

    With the given example you mentioned in the post here is the execution order after some internal test. (First one is executed before the last one)

    1. Skin.1 (Called to some kind of prepass)
    2. Skin.2 Called to some kind of prepass)
    3. Polygon.1
    4. Skin.1
    5. Circle (ObjectData which return a Spline, Called to some kind of prepass)
    6. Circle (ObjectData which return a Spline, Called to return the cache)
    7. Null.1
    8. Null.2
    9. Null.3
    10. Polygon.2
    11. Skin.2
    12. XPresso.1
    13. XPresso.2
    14. XPresso.3

    Note that any ObjectData can be executed multiple time since you can call AddToExecution which allow you to add the current node at any time within the execution pipline. This is basically used to do some kind of prepass and postpass.

    Hope it's answers to your question.

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