SOLVED Print console logs in terminal

Hi all,

I'm developing an application that runs a python plugin in cinema4d from commandline. Here's the problem: I can't see the console prints. How do I make c4d to print the logs in the terminal console instead of its own (the internal one under script->console)?


Are you using Cinema 4D release 20 There's a known bug under investigation.
The workaround is to use c4d.GePrint() instead of print().

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There's a more convenient workaround than using GePrint().
sys.__stdout__ original standard output stream can be used to redirect stdout and print to the terminal/console. Here's some code:

# Stores the stdout redirected by Cinema 4D Python
c4d_stdout = sys.stdout
# Redirects to original stdout
sys.stdout = sys.__stdout__

# Prints something
print("Some text to be printed to the terminal/console")

# Restores Cinema 4D Python stdout redirection
sys.stdout = c4d_stdout

Thank you this works nicecly

I'm using cinema 4D 20 student edition


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