Solved SortedArray() - "Namespace Maxon has no member class "SortedArray"

I am migration a plugin to R20.
Now SortedArray() gives me an error "Namespace Maxon has no member class "SortedArray"
I tried #include <sortedarray.h>, but the file could not be found (even with " instead of <>)


struct MySortedIntegerArray : public maxon::SortedArray<MySortedIntegerArray, maxon::BaseArray<Int> >
	// your sorted array must implement a LessThan() method
	static inline maxon::Bool LessThan(Int a, Int b)	{ return a < b; }

Had the same issue, you will need to specifically include it. In R19 you could simply include basearray.h, now you need:

#include "maxon/sortedarray.h"


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As @C4DS has shown, to include MAXON API header files, please use

#include "maxon/sortedarray.h"

You find an example in misctest.cpp.

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@s_bach said in SortedArray() - "Namespace Maxon has no member class "SortedArray":

#include "maxon/sortedarray.h"

Great, thanks to the both of you.
Next time, I will mark it as a question.