SDK Team at Supermeet/DevKitchen 2018

Dear Development Community,

we will need to leave you alone for a few days. MAXON's SDK Team will be travelling to Frankfurt am Main to present the DevKitchen 2018 and show some presence at the second day of the Cinema 4D Supermeet. Maybe we'll even meet some of you at the Supermeet? Would be nice.

See you next week again,
Andreas in the name of the entire team

I'd really really like to attend but it's impossible for me. 😞
Will there be any livestream or recap of the DevKitchen? It is extremely important to me as almost all topics mentioned in the schedule sound interesting and probably yield value information and knowledge, especially in regards of API changes that came with R20.


no, unfortunately we can not provide a live stream. And given our extremely shy nature a recording is no option either 😉
But we will certainly provide our slides for download afterwards. Some example code can actually already be found on GitHub. And depending on the interest of the community and our time and resources, we are also considering webinars. And with this year's interest, I'm pretty sure it will not have been the last DevKitchen.