BaseArray::Insert( position, value ) documentation

As a result of a recently reported issue with the R19 documentation (missing code snippets), I was comparing the documentation of R20 with R19 as I thought having noticed a bug in R19 SDK sample.
Seems the R20 SDK sample still has. As such, I was wondering if I was incorrectly interpreting the documentation?

	// Insert an element at index 5.
	array.Insert(value, 5) iferr_return;

According to the documentation the above code from arraytutorial.cpp would insert "5" at position "value", right? Instead of the comment referring to "value" being inserted at position 5.
So, which is correct, the sample or the documentation?

Yes, that is wrong. Index is first.


Indeed this example is wrong. We will fix that as soon as possible. Thanks for noticing us.

best wishes,