Solved getting 3D noise values


is there any way to get the color value of any x/y/z coordinate in a 3D noise space using python ?

input = vector(x,y,z)
result = color value


Hi @ruckzuck ,

Please check this document:


Here is a sample code:

import c4d
from c4d import utils
#Welcome to the world of Python

def main():
    pos = c4d.Vector(0,0,0) # Here is the input
    seed = 12346
    noiseGen = utils.noise.C4DNoise(seed)
    result = noiseGen.Noise(t=c4d.NOISE_NOISE,two_d=False,p=pos) # Here is the result

You can then remap result float number into a color using other methods.


as @eZioPan has shown you can use the C4DNoise class to sample a noise. Additionally, you find further noises in the c4d.utils.noise namespace.

A noise function typically just returns a scalar value. So if you want to create a color you have to combine different noises (with different seeds) or you sample the same noise with different offsets.

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Thanks @eziopan and Sebastian for your answers !

So far I searched a way for getting values out of the 3D noise shaders. Starting point was the c4d.BaseShader class but it seems to me that accessing these shaders in order to get noise values is much more cumbersome than using the C4DNoise class and specifying the corresponding noise type as parameter 't' - as @eziopan has pointed out.

So: thank you - problem solved :relaxed:

... and sorry, I haven't read the Q&A system thoroughly enough - next time I will mark my post properly.

cheers, Jens