Description... missing member "ID"

  • while updating to r20 i get a lot of errors according to DescriptionCommad / DescriptionGetBitmap, ID is no member

    		DescriptionGetBitmap *dgb = static_cast<DescriptionGetBitmap*>(t_data);                                  
    		AutoAlloc<BaseBitmap> bm;

    edit: maybe i found something . _descId[0].id doesn't throw an error. however i still cannot test way more errors and warnings to go ;)

  • In R20, it changed to id[0]._descId

  • @rsodre so it is wrong way? my code seems to compile now

  • Hello,

    in Cinema 4D R20 the id member was removed from several structures like DescriptionCommand or DescriptionPopup. These structures now share a common base class: DescriptionBaseMessage. See API Change List in R20.

    DescriptionBaseMessage has the member _descId which can be used instead.

    Is your issue solved with that information?

    best wishes,

  • @s_bach thank you. i still am on my road... at least it solves the compiler error. i get quite some crashes after updating. guess this will take some time