How to use c4d.utils.PolygonReduction

  • Hi all,

    I'm struggling to understand how does the polygon reduction works. The manual provides a sample code:

    I tried to run this one, but I get the following error:
    StandardError: The dictionary must contain a valid polygonal BaseObject (_op dictionary entry)

    I understand this error: I'm providing the wrong object type ( I think I have to convert the object to PolygonObject, am I right? If so, how do I do that?

  • Hi,

    That's right, the error you're getting is related to the type of the passed object to be processed by the PolygonReduction.
    The sample code shouldn't try to process an object that isn't a PolygonObject because there's this check at the beginning:

    if not polyObject.IsInstanceOf(c4d.Opolygon):

    To convert a BaseObject to a PolygonObject the Current State to Object modeling command can be used.
    The utility function below invokes the MCOMMAND_CURRENTSTATETOOBJECT:

    def CSTO(obj, doc, inheritance, keepAnimation, noGenerate):
        bc = c4d.BaseContainer()
        res = c4d.utils.SendModelingCommand(c4d.MCOMMAND_CURRENTSTATETOOBJECT, list=[obj.GetClone()], bc=bc, doc=doc)
        if isinstance(res, list):
            return res[0]
            return None

    The CSTO() function can then be invoked like this:

    if not polyObject.IsInstanceOf(c4d.Opolygon):
        polyObject = CSTO(polyObject, doc, True, True, False)
        if polyObject is None:

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  • Thank you y_puech

    Would you be so kindly to explain me the difference between a BaseObject, a PolygonObject and a PointObject? Honestly I don't think the python documentation is really clear

    Consider that I'm new to cinema4d (I'm from the blender's world)

  • Hi,

    A BaseObject is the base type of every object in a document. A PointObject is an object that holds points. Then an object can be a PolygonObject if it has polygons.
    For instance if a generator object is made editable then it's transformed into a PolygonObject which is also a PointObject.
    The (reduced) object classes inheritance tree is as follows:

    • BaseObject
      • PointObject
        • SplineObject
        • PolygonObject

  • Thank you! This is so much clear now

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