Change plugin folder cinema4d R19

  • Is it possible to change the plugin folder to be another one? I haven't found any option in the application preferences

  • Hi,

    I have turned your thread into a question, see Q&A New Functionality.
    Also moved the thread to the category Cinema 4D Development.

    In Cinema 4D R19 you can use the environment variable C4D_PLUGINS_DIR to set another path for plugins.
    It may even contain multiple directories (separated by semicolon ; ), although there was a bug in the early versions of R19, which prevented this. The bug was fixed with R19 SP2.
    There's an old thread discussing this, where you can also see how it's used: C4D_PLUGINS_DIR Multiple path
    Admittedly the original poster still seemed to have issues with mutiple paths, which we have not been able to reproduce, though.

    In Cinema 4D R20 this was changed completely. There you have multiple options:

    • Multiple plugin directories can be set in Cinema's preferences
    • g_additionalModulePath environment variable
    • Additional plugin directories can be specified on command line Cinema4D.exe g_additionalModulePath=...

    See also Environment Variables in the user help and also the thread Is C4D_PLUGINS_DIR env var still working (R20.0.28)?.


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