UNSOLVED Drag GeUser Area Dialog window which is in DLG_TYPE_ASYNC_POPUPEDIT mode

Hi team,
I want to drag the GeUser area in a dialog window from one place to another (say from one monitor to another). The problem is I have created the GeUser Area in a dialog window which is created using DLG_TYPE_ASYNC_POPUPEDIT dialog type.
So I am having the user area full screen without any title bar or menu bar. But the problem is, now I am not able to drag the dialog window from one place to another place or can't even move the window. The only right click of mouse button seems to work. I used various methods for dragging using HandleMouseDrag() and even MouseDragStart() & MouseDrag() functions but no luck ☹ .

Is there any way to drag the dialog window in DLG_TYPE_ASYNC_POPUPEDIT mode from one place to another?

I can't change the dialog type from DLG_TYPE_ASYNC_POPUPEDIT to anything else as it is the requirement of the plugin. Please help me with this as I am stuck in this.

Thanks in advance.


with a DLG_TYPE_ASYNC_POPUPEDIT it is not possible. The functions you mentioned are for receiving or starting drag and drop operations from you GeUserArea, but not to drag the dialog itself.
If you really need to stick with a popup dialog, there's an awkward solution with a DLG_TYPE_ASYNC_POPUP_RESIZEABLEdialog. By resizing (!) the user could move the dialog. But as I said, that's awkward.

Otherwise I can only suggest to use a DLG_TYPE_ASYNC instead.

I have turned your thread into a question, see Q&A New Functionality.


@a_block Hi Andreas,
Thanks a lot for the reply. I tried to use the DLG_TYPE_ASYNC_POPUP_RESIZEABLE mode for the dialog but couldn't get the desired result as well. Is there a way to maximize the window with the same mode so that there will be no window bar or menu bar?

Thanks !


as I said in my previous post, I have no ideal solution for you. By "awkward" I wanted to express, that I expected this to be not the solution you want, after all such a move by resizing would imply at least to size operations by the user, if both screen are equal size.

And unfortunately I have nothing else to offer. Sorry.