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  • Hi,

    I have some questions about the new plugin ids interface.

    The old plugin ids page is still working and accepting new ids. In which case should we generating ids from there?

    I created one id using the new suggested namespace, but the label does not displays the dots. com.studioavante.Blendy360 became comstudioavanteBlendy360. Is that right? Are you keeping the full name I entered?

    We can't see the old plugin ids in the new interface, now we live with two different sets of ids. Will them be migrated to the new page or we'll have to keep looking in both?

    Are we ever going to be able to edit the label or remove unused ids? It would be really handy to keep our ids organized.

    The docs still reference the old forums to get new plugin ids.

  • The classic IDs are for the classic API as stated in your link.
    You use the new Module ID for MAXON_API plugins to register them properly.

    But even for legacy plugins, you are forced to use the new module id in your projectdefinition.txt. Just stick to the guidelines and you're good to go. :)

  • @mp5gosu said in About plugin ids:

    The classic IDs are for the classic API as stated in your link.

    So if I need a new plugin id, but I'm using the classic API, do I create it on the old forums?

  • Hi rsodre, thanks for pointing it out!

    Whatever an plugin ID needs to be generated you have to do it on this forum at this link

    Please do NOT generate plugin IDs on the old forum.

    Best, Riccardo

  • @rsodre : Your old list of plugin IDs is not lost. You can contact us via mail (please include your user name in the old Plugin Café forum and one plugin ID) and we can send it to you.

  • And what is about the missing dots?

  • @Klaus I guess you are referring to something on the plugin ID page? I'm not sure, there are actually dots missing. But before we now get into a discussion, please give us some time. We will add information to the Plugin ID page some time after DevKitchen (which is beginning of November) and if then there are still open questions, we will be glad to pick up discussions again.

  • is it possible to change the listed name somehow? i accidentally typed a wrong number in the label

  • Hi ello, it's not possible to modify an entered label.

    Simply create a new one with the correct label leaving the wrong one to seat in the DB with the others.

    Best, Riccardo

  • @r_gigante I understand that removing or editing a plugin id could potentially bring some problems, but having them all together like this (used, not used, discarded, different products) can make a mess of a page.

    Could you consider as a feature request to at least to let us group them to make our plugin ids page more organized? In my case, I would like to have one group for each product and another for discarded ids. Later on when you import the classic plugin ids from the old forums to the new interface, they could be all in one new (immutable?) group.

  • Hi Roger, thanks for your insights! Definitively a valid feature request for a future update of the plugin IDs generation page together with the option to edit the label (not the ID provided).

    For the time being, the plugin responsible for generating the pluginIDs is as much simple as it was on the previous www.plugincafe.com discussion board. As first implementation we just wanted to grant the same functionality leaving for the future potential improvements.

    Last but not least two notes:

    • the plugin ID, as we know them, are going to be slowly replaced by reverse-domain assembled ID and in the future they will be become completely useless
    • the plugin IDs stored on the previous platform will never be ported on this discussion board because users had to re-register on this platform (they where not ported due to GDPR regulation) and associating old plugin IDs to new users would have been impossible (or at least highly error-prone). You can ask, privately, to be provided with the list of the IDs associated to your old account on www.plugincafe.com by providing your old username, at least one pluginID and the associated label of it.

    Best, Riccardo

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