Python Script Gui: Use EditSlider Get Float

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    i want to use EditSlider in my script to control weight, range (0.00 - 1.00) or other .i search in SDK and use "GeDialog.AddEditSlider(id, flags, initw=80, inith=0)",how can i change the range and get float just like set "user data"?

    thank you!

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    Hi @mike, first of all I would like to remind you to read and use the Q&A functionnality.

    Regarding your question, here is an example of a basic GeDialog, which make use to SetFloat to define a range.

    import c4d
    class MonDlg( c4d.gui.GeDialog):
        idSlider = 1000
        idButton = 1001
        # Create the Layout
        def CreateLayout(self):
            self.AddEditSlider(self.idSlider, c4d.BFH_SCALE|c4d.BFV_SCALE, initw=100, inith=20)
            self.AddButton(self.idButton, c4d.BFH_SCALE|c4d.BFV_SCALE, initw=100, inith=20,name = 'Get Value')	
            return True
        # Called after CreateLayout
        def InitValues(self):
            self.SetFloat(self.idSlider, 0.25, min=0.0, max=1.0, step=0.01, min2=0.0, max2=0.0)
            return True
        # Called for each interaction from a widget
        def Command(self, id, msg):
            if id == self.idButton:
                print self.GetFloat(self.idSlider)
            return True
    def main():
        dlg = MonDlg()
    if __name__=='__main__':

    If you have any questions please let me know.

  • @m_adam Thank you for your help!

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