SOLVED Current C4D Object ID #'s and Type Descriptor string list --Where is one?


I end up losing so much time trying to find it. After another lost hour I thought, I am sure there must be one available for those needing it.

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There is a nice graphic at this site. However, I’m sure a precise and complete listing of the R20 objects is posted as part of the API. Right?

Also, I have located this listing of object type descriptions here. However, no type ID’s. I do know that objects can be dragged into the console to be identified — however a complete listing if available would save everyone time. Why would there not be one?

There is one. Just take a look at your symbols.h file in resources directory.
In prior versions it was called coffeesymbols.h


currently there is no such a list with all components of Cinema 4D, their IDs and (optional) symbols. But we will try to improve the documentation in the future.

You can easily get the ID of all objects by simply checking all plugins of this type:

foundPlugins = c4d.plugins.FilterPluginList(c4d.PLUGINTYPE_OBJECT,True)

for plugin in foundPlugins:

    print(plugin.GetName() + ": " +  str(plugin.GetID()))

    plugin = plugin.GetNext()

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@s_bach Thanks, for the clarifying comments and the trick to programmatically derive a listing. I also went back and read the 'Read Before Posting'. Thom.

@mp5gosu Thank you, that is a good tip. I see that Onull=5140 is listed and it looks like all others are in there too! Thom