Solved One more Multi-License Server question

Several years I had no problems with customers using the Maxon license server. Now a customer reports (and I could verify on a screenshot) a problem adding my plugin serial to the license server. The number of licenses displayed for the plugin is 0/0. Is that normal or should there the number of licenses of the host be displayed?

Hi Klaus, with regard to the issue reported, since you talk about "several years ago", can you kindly notify the Cinema 4D release you're referring to?
To my knowledge it's not normal that you're provided with 0/0 as (in use)/(total) plugin licenses but if you can provide further details I can test it locally.

Best, Riccardo

@r_gigante Thanks, the problem has been solved, it was just a bug on my site returning WRONG_SERIALNUMBER on clients having no serial entered. So I actually don't know whether 0/0 is still displayed on the server or not. But I cannot understand, how the server could display the number of seats of plugin license keys (?).

Just a quick question besinde: Is it possible to retrieve the c4d release number from the multi license digits? I know, it's the 3rd digit, but other than with single serial digits, there is no flag for "R18-R27"...

@klaus Hi Klaus, please write to our support email address for further assistance on serial number syntax.

Best, Riccardo