Solved Cannot mark post as answer

Still does not work. I already set it to unsolved myself twice, but the menu entry does not appear.

Hi mp5gosu, thanks for following up.

I've done some test with a dummy user sharing your same permission and faced no issues setting a post as the correct answer.
Just a note, but maybe you're already aware about it: whilst Mark as Solved is in the Topic Tools menu (as from the following image)0_1539158982915_995bc886-d9c0-4d9b-807c-a2d251d82b12-image.png
the Mark this post as the correct answer should be found in the three-dots menu available in each post.

Does it helps anyhow? If not please let me know to investigate better what's the cause and to understand if it's related to this topic or to your user.

Cheers, Riccardo

In the topic tools, it works. However, I'm unable to mark a particular post as answer. My 3-Dot menu looks like this (your current post here):

Hi mp5gosu, thanks for following up but looking carefully at your screenshot it's correct you don't see the Mark this post as the correct answer: you made the screenshot in this topic which is not treated as "Question".

Please go back to the original topic and see if in that topic which was actually started by you and marked as "a question" the three-dotted post menu includes the Mark this post as the correct answer option.

Looking forward your feedback, give best.

In the original post, I'm still not able to mark the post as answer - even if it is marked as unsolved.
I'd like to suggest that I post a new thread to sort this out?



Hi mp5gosu, thanks for following up.

As last attempt try to change this thread to "a question" and try to mark one of the posts as correct. Let's see if it works. If not, then I have to dig down and find the cause 😉

Cheers, Riccardo

Made a question from this topic, still the same. 🙂
I am still able to mark the whole topic as solved, but no particular post but my own!

By the way, I marked the other thread as solved since it is. If you found the cause, I'll mark the correct post as answer.

Happy finding then! 😅

@r_gigante Hey, any update on this? Or can I even do something to help?

Still looking into it. I'll let you know asap. In the meanwhile, for your next support topics, please use the Q&A functionality to see if it's limited to that thread or to your user.

Best, Riccardo

Hi, I meet the same problem. And I find that if I want to mark a post as "correct answer", the post must meet all of 2 conditions:

  1. the topic must be in "Unsolved" state.
  2. the post waiting to mark must belong to the user himself/herself, a user can't mark other's post as "correct answer".

I think this may be related to user group permission.


we are sorry this currently does not work as intended for you. We will look into the issue after DevKitchen in November. So long we will try to mark certain answers accordingly, let us know, if we pick the wrong one.

@eZioPan : Just to be sure: In point 2 you are talking about posts and not the thread, right? Because indeed you should only be able to mark questions in your own thread. But there it should be possible for all posts.


Hi, @a_block!

When I search on the forum, I found the normal users aren't belonging to any user group. I wonder that putting normal users in a user group may have something to do with solving this problem?

Thank you for taking time to reply this thread.
As you say, I mean the post in my thread, not the thread itself, or in others thread.
I think this problem only happens when users with no forum privilege permission, like "administrator user group of forum" or "administrator user group of category". I suggest creating a normal user account for reproducing this problem when debugging. And I think the normal users may miss the permission to mark the post others write in the thread he/her create.

Any update on this?

Hi mp5gosu, thanks for following up.

With regard to the issue, we need to upgrade the platform to 1.10.x or 1.11.x in order to get the issue solved.
At the moment we're discussing the timeline and I'll promptly bump back here as soon as we've a final date.

Apologizing for any inconvenience the issue is still causing, thanks for your patience.

Best, Riccardo

Hi guys,

I'm finally glad to state that by upgrading the platform to a more recent version you should be able not only to mark a topic as Solved but also to select the correct post solving the thread.

Please verify on your side with your next-to-come threads and in case report any unexpected behavior.

Best, Riccardo