UNSOLVED Free all BaseObject

I have a question about clean all baseobjects within document.There were many Baseobjects using Baseobject::Alloc() to achieve and put into Basedocument. If I use Basedocument::Free() to clean all info,Is it necessarily that all objects were destoryed using baseobject::Free() within doc one by one?

Hello there,

if you want to completely empty an document, simply call Flush(), it empties and destroys everything in it. BaseDocument.Flush()
This also deletes everything, not only BaseObjects.

However, you stated that you only want to Free all BaseObjects, you then have to iterate over the entire document and remove them manually.

Could look like this then:

inline void g_DeleteAllObjects(BaseDocument* doc)
	if (!doc)

	auto obj = doc->GetFirstObject();

	while (obj)
		const auto tempObj = obj->GetNext();
		obj = tempObj;


what @mp5gosu is showing in his code snippet is actually a quite common concept in Cinema 4D. More on this topic can also be found in the GeListNode manual in our C++ documentation.

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