Solved Recompiling a plugin for R20

I have a set up plugins that was compiled in XCode and Visual Studio and it was working fine until R19.
Now I have to recompile it to R20.
I have been trying to follow the instructions in Maxon site but I can't seem to be able to do it. Is there any simple set of instructions to teach how to get old source code to recompile?
Also, must I still do it in XCode and Visual Studio or can I compile everything on XCode and produce object code that runs on Mac and Windows?


what "instructions in Maxon site" do you mean?

you find information on how to create R20 projects and how to adapt older code in the C++ documentation:

There is also this thread discussing how to build R20 plugins: Compiling the Cinema 4D R20 C++ SDK Examples

You can only build plugins on a specific platform for that specific platform. You to support both Windows and macOS, you must compile on both platforms. See also

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Using these api bridge headers helps a lot:

Sorry for the lateness in replying to this.
I was busy creating lots of python versions of my COFFEE scripts, for R20.
I will now try to start porting my C++ plugins to R20.
Thank you for all the links.