c4dpy not working on OS x 10.12

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to install c4dpy interpreter to pycharm following :

I'm stuck at the step where he runs it on the terminal:

4)Drag the c4dpy file into the Terminal window and press return.
5)c4dpy should run without error and enter Python interactive interpreter >>>.

On mine terminal it's not running and I get the following error:

WARNING: symbol 'g_privateBinary' is missing. error: dlsym(0x7fa647401b20, g_privateBinary): symbol not found [osx_dll.cpp(152)] [general.cpp(386)]
WARNING: symbol 'g_privateBinary' is missing. error: dlsym(0x7fa647700820, g_privateBinary): symbol not found [osx_dll.cpp(152)] [general.cpp(386)]
Segmentation fault: 11
I have a student edition of Cinema4d, may be this the problem?

Any help?


We'll need a few days to investigate this.
Which type of Cinema 4D student license are you using? The free student license or the one for purchase?

Former MAXON SDK Engineer


It seems you are trying to run c4dpy with Cinema 4D R19.
The new executable c4dpy was introduced with R20 and only works with such version. Previous releases are not supported.

Former MAXON SDK Engineer

Thank you. Yes, I'm using Cinema 4d R19

Note c4dpy does not work with a R20 free educational license. But c4dpy runs fine with a paid R20 student license.

Former MAXON SDK Engineer